​My life, my rules. Sure sure mate, your life, your rules. But when these rules end up affecting the society in any manner, action is taken accordingly. Your life. Yes we all agree on that. You control every aspect of your life. It’s only limited to your life, not the people around you. So, when you do things that affects any other person, other than yourself, then don’t react back to the people when they come thundering down on you. You go to a family restaurant and light yourself a smoke. Your life, your rules right? It’s your body getting affected so there shouldn’t be any problem. WRONG. By performing an action such as that of smoking in a public family oriented place, you put the people around you in risk of second hand cigarette smoke. Hence affecting their health. No one is stopping you from going outside in open air for a smoke and risking lung cancer. Your life your rules right. We ain’t got nothing to do with it. Live and let live. When living in a society, before you do anything you must first have enough empathy to realise the affect of your actions on your surroundings. If everyone follows this quote ‘my life, my rules’ blindly and be apathetic and oblivious to the fact that their actions have consequences the society will wreak havoc. It will be a total disaster. So, kindly consider the result of your actions first, before doing anything at all. Your rights will be safeguarded only if you don’t do things that affect the lives and rights of other people living in a society.