​Go on, kill the man. But why should I kill this man? He saw you stealing. You will get caught if he IDs you. Isn’t that wrong? You have to take care of your family, you need the money you stole from this man. Yes, I need it alot. I have to feed my family. Family comes first. Yes indeed! You can’t feed your family if this man lives. Doesn’t he have a family? Does it matter?  What if he has small children and a wife to take care of just like me? What will happen to them if I kill this man? What will happen to your family if you don’t? What if you let him go and end up in the jail the very next day? How will your family survive? It’s you vs him. Your family vs his family. Isn’t there any other way? Any way I can avoid this? I wouldn’t do this if I weren’t forced to. I just need the money. I just want to survive! Survival of the fittest eh? It’s natural. In order to get ahead in life you have to step on others. What else can you do? Starve to death? No never! It’s not my fault if I kill him. The society made me do it. If I had money, I wouldn’t be in a situation like this. It’s all on the government! Yes, it’s all on the government. Just kill him. Do it for your family. His family is not your problem. You are trying your best to survive and this is what survival is like. How are these rich people supposed to know your hardships? You deserve this money. Yes, I deserve this money. I will kill, one last time.  One last time! …………….I should clean the blood before anyone notices anything, I don’t want the children to be traumatized by it. Yes. Don’t want the children to grow up deranged and mentally disturbed.