Well, if given the chance, would you go back in time and change some events in your past? Would you change those events that are depressing, tragic or events in which you think you could have acted in a better way? Well I don’t know about you but if I am ever given such a chance I will kindly reject it without a second thought. Well, because first of all, sadness is a part of life. Our losses and our hardships make us stronger. We gain strength to endure the future pains the time has in store for us. That’s how we grow actually. Through experience. Through hardships. With time we learn how to overcome these hardships. We search for better ways to live our lives. Throughout our lives we try to create an environment which is the most comfortable to us in every way. Perfect friends. Perfect partners. Perfect life. Deep down we all strive for these things. We all strive for happiness. So basically in order to be happy in life everyone of us has to endure certain hardships. Everyone of us has to learn the ways of life through experience and constant struggle. Yes, it’s all a pain and sometimes you wish you could just change the past but it’s worth it. With all the pain you suffer you get something in return. Life is not all pain. Sometimes we get happiness after struggling for too long. Now do you really wish that you could change the past? How do you know that you won’t end up destroying the things you love the most in the process? You go back in time and prevent your break up with your partner but end your future possibility of being with someone more suited for you. Someone much better. You go back in time and prevent every possible pain in your past and end up being mentally weak and immature in the future. Your mind doesn’t grow with the passing of time. It grows with the experience you gain during that time. Both pain and happiness shape our personality. We are who we are right now due to our past. Our failures, our accomplishments, our mistakes; they are what that make us who we are and what we are eventually going to be in the future.

 There is no such thing as time travel. There is no way that over thinking about your past can change anything in it. There is no benefit you are going to get from dwelling on your past. So why ruin your present by over thinking about your past, when you can improve your future by focusing on the present?