In the last 2 centuries, the world has developed tremendously in the scientific field and it still is at a very astonishing rate. We see development in many different fields and are astonished by the amazing scientific inventions everyday. The great inquisitive scientific minds of today have managed to cure almost every disease. No doubt the innovative power and uniqueness of the human mind is irreplaceable. Yet still the question arises, will the machines and Artificial intelligence will one day be able to replace this divine creation i.e the human mind?
There have been huge advancements in development of the perfect AI. By perfect AI I mean intelligence and innovation comparable to that of the human mind if at least not greater than it. The AI developed is by all means not perfect. We have a great deal to advance further into the depths of neurosciences to to achieve the perfect AI.

A Lot of people talk about the fact that there will come a time when most of the jobs, like in the field of national security, education and physical labour will be replaced by machines running on AI. Well to be honest, yes I do think that most of the professions will be taken over by the machines, but not all. Let me clear up my point. Let’s take the example of a doctor. What are the characteristics of a perfect doctor? Well they are as follows:

  • Vast knowledge of medicine and years of experience in the medical field.
  • Efficiency: Ability to handle many cases simultaneously and with least error.
  • Sympathy.
  • Very effective history taking skills.
  • Empathy.
  • Very precise and accurate at making diagnosis.

Well let’s suppose there comes a time when every profession is taken over by AI. Will the AI be able to take the form of a perfect doctor? Well let’s see:

  • AI being run by a machine can easily store terabytes of info and recall it any time. Check
  • AI can make precise diagnosis of minor and less complex illnesses. Check
  • Everyone knows machines are super efficient. Check
  • Well the AI can simulate sympathetic response if it’s top of the line. Check
  • History taking ? I am not so sure about that. History taking requires a lot of manipulation and innovation by the doctor. Cross
  • As the machines are devoid of emotions even with the most advanced AI they are incapable of empathy. Cross

Out of all the above stated features, empathy is the most important feature of a doctor. The ability to feel someone’s pain is very much needed by a good doctor. The willingness of a doctor to treat the patient and the success rate of the doctors case is directly proportional to the level of empathy the doctor has in him/her. Empathy is also one of the biggest characteristics which separates us from the machines especially the AI. 

Well we can say that field of medicine and AI can work cooperatively but only to a certain limit. A machine can never replace a man especially in medical field. However, a machine is useful for treating minor illnesses and physical traumas. But that’s it. Not more than that.