Before you proceed to read this article, clear your mind of every thought and answer me this: what do you mean or what do you think of love? What ideas do you get when someone mentions the word love? Well I am not assuming all of you might think like this but most of you might limit the definition of love to ” a feeling of one sided or mutual affection between the opposite or same genders paralleled with strong sexual attraction”.

Once again,  I am not assuming that all of you think of love like in the above mentioned definition. The thing is that majority of human population thinks that way. I am also not calling those people who “love” according to this definition bad, it’s just that something as diverse as love can’t just be explained in a single line that is incapable of defining all aspects of this powerful emotion.

Let’s start from the basics, shall we? First of all, love isn’t limited to one persons affection for another person involving sexual relations. It has much more diverse meanings. You can love a goal, you can love an idea, you can love your pet, you can even love an inanimate object like pen or an old hat. These different aspects of love will be discussed later in this post.

Difference Between Loving And Liking:

You go to a market, see different things, visit various shops ,meet new people, observe different natural phenomenons, observe the weather changing,etc. Sometimes you meet someone new who has a very good personality and you seem to enjoy talking to him/her. The thing is that you like that new particular person and you might even have a little crush on him/her, if he meets your sexual orientation. Then you proceed to go to a watch shop. You check out all these beautiful expensive watches. You especially like that jeweled studded watch. It is pretty expensive and you really want to have it. You ignore the temptation and move on. You finish shopping for groceries. On your way back home you see this old lady walking a beautiful well groomed poodle. The poodle seems so cute and you like the way it walks. You go towards the old lady take her permission and pet this gorgeous poodle and then you move on that’s it. You reach your house take off your shoes and coat and rethink the event that happened earlier today. You think of that beautiful man/ woman you met on your way to the watch shop. You remember liking his/her personality and laughing at jokes, but you never asked for his/her contact. Because no matter how charming that stranger might be even though you might have liked the person, that person is no way near as valuable to you as the person you love. The partner you spend time with. Love of your life with whom your personal life bloomed with beautiful flowers in the form of little gestures of love, lame jokes and beautiful events you two witnessed together throughout the time you spent together. You recall the image of that beautiful jewel studded watch youu fancied in the shop. The watch seemed so damn good yet u didn’t buy it. Because on your wrist is the watch that is more valuable to you than all the treasures in the world. It is the watch that your father gave you for your 18th birthday. Yes, it is scratched and dented at various places and yes it sometimes stops working, yet its value never seems to decrease in your eyes. You love this watch with all your heart . This watch is a token of love from your father and that fact make it near and dear to your heart. Why buy a new watch when you have a watch studded with worlds most precious jewel…love. You are rethinking all these events when suddenly you feel your hand being licked. You look over and smile at your oldest friend. Your golden lab. Oh the memories you have made with her. She is your most loyal friend. Yes she cant speak yet it can understand you and you can understand her every emotion and gesture. She might not look well groomed at the moment but who the hell cares about superficial beauty. You think of the poodle you encountered in the market ..laugh to yourself and tell your  buddy “that poodle has got nothing on you”. Even the dog understands you because she knows that love isn’t just superficial.

I assume I have made it very clear that there is a difference between liking and loving. There is another common misunderstanding regarding love i.e majority of people confusing love with lust.

Difference Between Love And Lust:

The basic differences are as follows:

  • Lust is superficial. Love has very deep and diverse meanings.
  • Lust is limited to sexual desires. Love is way beyond superficial temporary urges.
  • You can lust for any sexually appealing person may it be a stranger or someone you might know. Love grows with time and experiences faced together.
  • There is no such thing as trust in lust. Love is all about trust. No trust no love.

Whenever you have a crush on some person whatever may be the reason and you don’t know that person well… don’t ever assume that you have fallen in love. There is no such thing as love at first sight. How do you even expect to fall in love with a person you don’t even know about. You haven’t been with the person or have spent time with him/her. You guys don’t trust each other and you both have never faced difficulties together. That what you feel at the moment when u have a crush is lust. You haven’t fallen in love have fallen in lust.

Lust is temporary, romance can be nice, but love is the most important thing of all. Because without love, lust and romance will always be short lived–Danielle Steel

Lucky are those who have experienced this blessed emotion of love and know how it feels to be loved by someone who wants nothing else for them except joyful laughter and mischievous smiles.