First of all, I assure you that no murder was committed in order to practice this method. This article is written solely for the sake of knowledge. Its up to to the readers how they make use of this knowledge. There is no experience or incident involved in the writing of this article.

The following steps and precautions should be kept in mind before and during the dirty deed:


This is one of the most important steps and it must not be neglected whatsoever the reason. A good research regarding the person you are going to murder gives a solid foundation to your full scheme of murder. For example, you want to murder person A. So first of all you should find out where he lives, works, what is the timing of his/her job, does he/she live alone, does he/she own a gun, etc. When you have fully familiarized yourself with the person you are going to kill then proceed to step 2.


2-Time of murder:

Time is very important as it is related to how you are going to perform your kill. Most people prefer night time because the person is usually asleep and this makes things a lot more easier. But this doesn’t mean that daytime murder is inefficient. The day time murder has one advantage that is no one expects to be murdered in daylight. So you have the benefit of surprise kill.

3-Location of murder:

A good location should have the following necessary features:

  • Multiple exits
  • Away from people
  • Really dark (for night time murders)
  • A good place to dump the body
  • A good place to hide before the victim arrives
  • Noisy (to kill the screams of victim)


The kind of clothes you wear depend on the time you are planning to murder. If its night time then dark clothes are usually the best. For daytime kills casual clothing gets the job done. You need to wear a mask though both for daytime and nighttime murder. Wear light clothes so that your mobility is not affected anyway. Don’t overdress or wear clothes with frayed strings falling from corners.
Regarding the hair, its preferable that you go full bald and clean shave. You don’t want any hair failing at the site of crime. Don wear rings or necklaces of any kind. Buy some good quality durable latex gloves so that you don’t leave fingerprints behind. And last but not the least….DON’T BRING YOUR WALLET WITH YOU….. imagine losing that after you commit the murder.


5-Weapon of murder:

If the place is noisy and away from people you can use a gun with a silencer. Either that or you can use any sharp melee weapon like a machete or a long dagger. Its totally up to you.

6-Body parts to damage for an instant kill:


  • Head shot
  • Bullet to the chest
  • Bullet to the neck
  • Slit the throat
  • Stab the base of the neck from behind
  • Knife to the heart
  • Break the neck the old fashioned way


7- Precautions:


  • Make sure the victim is alone
  • Don’t take time killing the victim
  • Don’t leave anything related to you at the site of crime
  • Use good quality latex gloves
  • Don’t leave any foot prints
  • Burn your shoes after committing the murder