Thought-1: Some people deserve to be miserable. Some are worth every sacrifice.

Thought-2: All you need is a one good friend. Nothing more is necessary.

Thought-3: Blood makes related. Loyalty makes family.

Thought-4: Everything is magical if you are dumb enough. Everything is beautiful if you are drunk enough. Everything is easy if you are high enough.

Thought-5: They will talk about you like they talk about other people behind your back.If not now…..eventually.

Thought-6: Life is a fluke.

Thought-7: Life is an equation. Best friends and relatives are constants while the rest of the people are variables. The quotients of the variables define their priority. The constants have no quotient. Never neglect the constants….no matter what.

Thought-8: Life is a result of a fission reaction caused by the littlest things.

Thought-9: Don’t work hard, work smart.

Thought-10: Do all kinds of things in life. Do even the most stupid and weird stuff. Be the good guy but also try the dark side and be trickier than the devil himself. Be many things. Because nothing is more precious than experience.

Thought-12: Great mind is a blessing as well as a curse. But mostly a curse.