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  1. a mental condition marked by alternating periods of elation and depression.
  3. There is no clear cut timing! Your friend can be nice and jolly in the morning and can go full depressed hulk in the evening.

Different medicines are prescribed for people suffering from Bipolar disorder like Lithium tablets. There are some people who don’t take such medicine or even go to a doctor to get help for their condition.
Handling your buddy is easy when he/she is in the bipolar mania phase(the jolly phase). The problem arises when your friend is in bipolar depressive phase. The following are the signs that your friend is in depressive phase:

  • He/She is irritated by the littlest things.
  • May act unusually rude
  • He/She is acting distant
  • He/She wants to go home in the middle of a hangout session
  • Laughter seems forced
  • Might talk about things which are not relevant to the topic being discussed
  • Sometimes anger issues
  • May be insensitive regarding sensitive issues

If your mate is presenting the above mentioned signs then following things should be done in their presence:

  • Give him/her a little space
  • Ask him/her if he/she is okay only once
  • Dont annoy him/her with too many questions regarding his/her mood
  • If he/she want you to leave, then leave. He/She just needs a little time. Don’t take it to your heart.
  • Don’t you dare argue. Just say yes to whatever he/she says for the moment.
  • Don’t share your problems during this phase. Your mate ain’t gonna be helpful and might get annoyed.
  • Don’ take anything your mate says to your heart. He/She probably doesn’t mean that.

The following is an artistic representation of Bipolar disorder:



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